Five Tax-Friendly Remote Side Hustles to Help You Recover in 2020

Five Tax-Friendly Remote Side Hustles to Help You Recover in 2020

Five Tax-Friendly Remote Side Hustles to Help You Recover in 2020 1000 667 Ryan Holloway

With COVID-19 disrupting the workflow for a lot of companies, many are moving to remote work environments.

As it’s been argued that whether Coronavirus was the catalyst or not, this change was inevitable, ultimately saving money on office overhead, as well as providing an environment where people can make the choices that enable them to be the most productive. Regardless, however, of opinions on what the future of remote work will look like, many people are still struggling to just get acclimated. And if you’ve found yourself out of work because of COVID-19, but want to explore remote work, we’ve put together a few of the verticals for you to get acclimated.

In terms of resources for finding remote work, a few we might recommend include We Work Remotely, NoDesk, Remote Ok, Remotive, or, which all have daily updated job postings, as well as some of the more major companies converting to remote hiring like CapitalOne.

While the search will take some time, we’ve noticed an uptick in certain roles that have been converted to remote due to COVID-19. Here are a few of the popular categories to consider as you get rolling on your search:

Customer Support

One of the biggest remote positions out there has to be customer service. As call centers have often become obsolete, many customer support teams have been refocusing their efforts towards enabling working remotely. With enough foundational infrastructure to run entirely remote teams, customer service and support are in increasing demand (even with COVID-19), with many companies looking to bring on more people to help with the number of complaints that are being ushered in. Especially if you have a special skill like IT, customer support is a good route to explore.

Transcription Services

Although tedious, signing up for a transcription service can be a great side-hustle you can perform remotely. If you’re not familiar, transcription services essentially transcribe audio files of interviews, lectures, or other spoken-word materials…meaning you write everything they say down to ship out. Generally paying an honest wage for a reasonably accessible job, transcription services are a comfortable gig to do from home, especially if you’re looking for temporary work. Check around the web for what some companies might need, as this is an easy option for plugging away at home.

Content Creation

If you’ve got the chops and can find the right audience, content creation is something that almost always is in demand. Whether it be writing, photography, or video editing, being able to put things together for others can pay pretty well if you know the industries to reach out to. Particularly in looking at stability, try to hone in on companies that are going to thrive regardless of the times, such as healthcare, essential services, and certain b2b/b2c technologies. We’ll note that you might want to put a portfolio together to show off your skills before reaching out, but once you’ve got a style to sell, go for it, and the rest will come.

Regardless of opinions on what the future of remote work will look like, many people are still struggling to just get acclimated.

Administration Work

In a similar vein to doing customer support, a lot of administrative work has now gone online as well. Whether it’s helping with scheduling, expense tracking, flight booking, or even keeping account of what’s happening in meetings, the type of administrative work necessary now is all able to be done from home. As a big trend is a lot of teams hiring remotely at an hourly rate rather than salary, many admin professionals have gravitated towards doing administrative work for several companies at once throughout the day, maximizing their dollar earned simultaneously.

Feedback Surveys & Focus Groups

While not considered ‘work’ that you can do day-in and day-out, opinion feedback surveys can pay if you find the right source. One company in particular that does a great job with surveying is Respondent, who does high-level research with curated focus groups as participants. As they bring on some of the better-paying surveys, companies like Respondent are what you need to be on the lookout for, providing an extra income source that could bring in up to a few hundred dollars per week.

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